The Deloraine Border Festival presents an opportunity for students in Southwest Manitoba to participate in a variety of artistic endeavours,
​a chance to perform, to learn and enjoy. 
Each spring, we listen and watch with joy and wonder as the artistic talent
that blooms and grows in our communities is shared with others at our festival. 
Thanks to all who make it happen.


Award Eligibility

Awards Concert

Disciplines are the various categories available for entry and performance in the festival. 
Dance. Instrumental. Piano. Speech & Theatre Arts.
Visual Arts. Vocal 
Each discipline now has its own customized entry form which you will find listed under each discipline picture.
To be considered for an award, competitors in all solo classes must perform in two or more eligible solo classes.  Criteria varies for all other awards.  Refer to specific disciplines on this website for detailed criteria for each award offered in our festival.
Award winners perform the selection for which they were recognized by the Adjudicator and receive their award.  Concert takes place on the Sunday afternoon following the conclusion of all Deloraine Border Festival sessions.


Not only did our website receive a facelift but so did our entry forms!
​Check out the new system for Festival Entry on the Disciplines page.

We are confident our new website format will allow you to easily navigate to all information needed, however, if you still have questions please do not hestitate to click on the email icon at the bottom of every page.
Festival committee members and coordinators are always happy to answer any questions you may have.
Each discipline now has customized forms which allows gathering of specific information relative only to that discipline. 
A lot less work for entrants too! 
No need to fill in information necessary for some disciplines but not others.

Separate forms have been created so only relative information is requested.
   Solo - individual performance
                       Multiple - duet, trio, quartet, small group
Group/Choir - larger groups
 Band - orff and band groups

SCHOOL ENTRY forms have also been created and customized providing a simplified entry process for Teachers. 

Entry Deadline TUESDAY, February 5, 2019

Go to specific discipline on DISCIPLINES TAB for customized entry form links
IMPORTANT NOTE  - This year and going forward TBA's and change of entry selections will not be accepted

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Oratorical Cup (Speech Arts) - Kristian Nestibo - Goodlands

Rose Bowl (Vocal) - Josie Meggison - Goodlands

Tudor Bowl (Piano) - Gavin Raes - Deloraine

Visual Arts  Bennett Radcliffe - Waskada

Deloraine Border Festival PROVINCIAL Award Winners

Always Well Represented at Provincials

Gavin Raes received second Intermediate Canadian Composer - Hurton Family Scholarship
Kristian Nestibo received second Grade 10-12 Poetry & Prose - Associated Manitoba Arts Festivals Scholarship 

Jessica Goethals received second Grade 10-12 Public Speaking Class - Associated Manitoba Arts Festival Scholarship
Jessica Goethals received second Advanced Canadian Composer Class - Dr. Lorne Watson Memorial Scholarship
Gavin Raes received Honorable Mention Canadian Composer Intermediate Piano Class

Jessica Goethals Winner Grade 10-12 Public Speaking Class - Associated Manitoba Arts Festival Scholarship

Braden Davis received Honorable Mention Manitoba Composition Competition (Piano):  “Gwone” 

Jessica Goethals Winner Grade 7-9 Public Speaking - Mary Neill Adjudicator's Scholarship
Sydney Laval received runner-up Grade 10-12 Public Speaking Class

Sydney Laval received runner-up Poetry & Prose, Grades 10-12 - Colin Mailer Memorial Scholarship

Jesse Billiaert Winner of Poetry & Prose, Grades 10-12 - Colin Mailer Memorial Scholarship
Brett Meggison received runner-up Jean & Lorne Chapple Scholarship for Outstanding Piano, J.S. Bach

Brett Meggison Winner Jean & Lorne Chapple Scholarship for Outstanding Piano, J.S. Bach 
Jonathon Klassen received runner-up Intermediate Piano Class

Lesley Goethals received runner-up Grade 10-12 Public Speaking Class
Helene Renaud received runner-up Advanced Cdn Composers Class

Brett Meggison received runner-up Junior Piano Class

Laughlin McKinnon received runner-up Grade 7-9 Poetry & Prose

Michelle Todd was recommended to compete in Western Finals in Victoria after winning the

Junior Baldwin Piano & Organ Festival Award in Brandon