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About Us

Meet​​ Our Committee

President  Judy Cassils​​
Secretary  Verna Keeler
Treasurer  Patti Janssens

Discipline Coordinators
​Dance - Bev Goethals
Instrumental - Kori Nestibo, Darcia Raes
Piano - Joanne Morningstar, Krista Claeys  (Advisor) Tannis Hofer
Speech Arts - Lynn Richard, Donalda Vandenberghe
Visual Arts - Verna Keeler, Kim Radcliffe
​Vocal - Debbie Sambrook, Kim Sunaert  (Advisor) Coral Meggison

Committee Coordinators
Awards - Karen Sunaert, Noreen Johnston
Adjudicators - Donna McGregor
Program - Joanne Morningstar
Public Relations - Judy Cassils
Session Workers - Claire Day, Lee Franklin
Website - Joanne Morningstar

Members At Large
Ashlea Goethals, Donna Todd,  Irene Smith,  Judy Wells, Stu Clelland

Founding Members

Our community will forever be grateful to the following people who had the foresight to establish the Deloraine Border Festival.
Recognizing our talented local youth had something to offer in the arts world and initiating a venue for them to perform their various talents was and still is the festival mandate.
The founding members hard work and dedication has meant decades of past enjoyment and hopefully decades of future enjoyment listening and watching extraordinary performances of our community children.

Many Thanks To Those Who Served on the Original Deloraine Border Festival Committee

President - Donna Todd
Vice President - Dot Keene
Secretary - Moira Bonar
Treasurer - Jack Wright
Public Relations - Daisy Potter
Adjudicators - Rose Long
Awards - Irene Smith
Choral Chair - Jean Agnew & Laura Lewthwaite
Piano Chairs - Dorothy Whetter & Dale Whetter
Bands & Instrumental - Laurie & Paula Anderson
Program - Fran Edwards & Sylvia McMechan
Eva Cassils
Clara Adams