The winner of an award may not be the one with the top mark.
Technical difficulty of selections, overall quality and number of pieces perfected may also enter into the adjudicator’s decision.

The Deloraine Border Festival may, at its discretion, withdraw an award offered where enough entries are not received to justify a particular award as listed on website.
FESTIVAL AWARD WINNER pictures will be publicized on website unless a specific request is made to exclude a performer photo.
Participants receiving multiple solo awards in various disciplines are invited to perform at Awards Concert for each discipline, however, only one solo performance is compulsory.  All awards will be listed in program even if not performed.
If you choose to opt out of some performances, or are unable to attend,
please contact either a discipline coordinator or the awards committee so Concert Program may be updated. 
   SCHOLARSHIPS Dedicated in Memory of Community Members Who Played an Important Role in Deloraine & Area Border Festival

Bev Shore Memorial Scholarship - VOCAL
This scholarship will have funds coming from the Bev Shore Memorial Account.  This scholarship must be chosen from the senior class.

To be eligible, a performer must sing in at least two solo classes competitively, one which must be from the Resource List, and receive a mark of at least 80%. 
Musical Theatre class not eligible.

Geraldine Kroeker Memorial Scholarship - PIANO
This is an award of excellence for a duet or trio performance Grade 3 up to and including Senior Level. 

To be eligible, a mark of at least 80% is required and all performers must have also played at least one solo piece competitively, which must be from the Resource List.
Laura Lewthwaite Memorial Scholarship - VOCAL
This scholarship is in memory of Laura Lewthwaite, one of the founding members of the Deloraine Border Festival.  This award is for a participant between the ages of 11 and 14 years. 
To be eligible, a performer must sing in at least two solo classes competitively, one which must be from the Resource List, and receive a mark of at least 80%. 
Claudia Franklin Memorial Scholarship - PIANO
Grades 4-7

This is an award for outstanding contribution to the festival.  Consideration will be given to the number of entries a student has made and the standard at which they have performed those pieces. 
Helen Whenham Memorial Scholarship - SPEECH
This scholarship is in memory of Helen Whenham. It will be awarded by the adjudicator to the top performance by a Kindergarten – Grade 6 Speech Choir.

Two selections must be spoken.  A mark of a least 80% is required for both selections.  
Anna Franklin Memorial Scholarship - PIANO
To be eligible a performer must meet the criteria set for solo awards. 

This is an award of excellence for a piano solo performance Grades 7 and up.

Deloraine & Area Border Festival began in 1981 with one major award for top performer in the festival - The ROSE Bowl.

TUDOR Bowl ♦ Piano
In 1990 the major award was renamed the Tudor Bowl as it was realized a Rose Bowl is traditionally awarded in the vocal category.

ROSE Bowl ♦ Vocal
In 1992 the vocal Rose Bowl was added as another major award. The Tudor Bowl would remain a major award for top instrumental performance.

ORATORICAL Cup ♦ Speech Arts
In 1999 the major award of an Oratorical Cup was added for our ever popular speech arts discipline.

VISUAL ARTS Scholarship ♦ Visual Arts
In 2016 a scholarhip was created for a visual arts student showing a high level of artistic skill.

INSTRUMENTAL Scholarship ♦ Instrumental
In 2019 a scholarhip was created for an instrumental student showing a high level of performance excellence.

Unfortunately, some award winners and pictures are missing (pictorial award winner link) If you are able to provide pictures and/or names of award winners as well as participants who placed in provincials  the committee would appreciate hearing from you!


AMAF Provincials
Provincial Entry Form LINK for those recommended to Provincials
 2020 Provincial Music & Speech Arts Finals
Venue To Be Announced
May 22-24, 2020