APRIL is Festival Performance Month!
Check Discipline links  below in March of every year for specific dates

The latest edition 2015 provincial syllabus is always available at Deloraine Library  
for your reference in choosing classes and providing class numbers for your entries. 
All rules and regulations are included in the publication as well.
2019 Syllabus Addendum to 2015 Printed Syllabus
In the fall of 2019, AMAF prepared an Addendum which incorporates all changes made since the 2015 Syllabus was printed.
They are few in number but significant, and ones we have adopted as they came out. It is nice to have them all in one place.   
The only pages that apply to our festival are in the section titled Provincial Music and Arts Festival, pages ii, iv, v, and ix.
The changes are clearly shown in red print. Please make note of them in your own copy of the syllabus.

Click on titled picture for detailed information regarding awards, rules & regulations, information, venues, dates, all specific to that discipline.​​ 

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