The provincial syllabus is a publication provided by AMAF (Association of Manitoba Arts Festivals).  
It is a book listing all classes in all disciplines available for entry in Manitoba Festivals.  ​​

Provincial rules and regulations are also included. 

The current 2015 edition with addendum always available at Deloraine Library​​

If you wish to own your own copy, one can be purchased from AMAF (use their website).  
Copies are sent to schools and most music teachers have their own copy.

Our local festival uses the provincial syllabus for classes in the disciplines of
piano, instrumental & strings, vocal and choral, visual arts, speech & theatre arts, and dance. 

All rules in the Provincial Syllabus and Syllabus Addendums apply unless modified or expanded by a local rule unique to our festival.
Each discipline has an addendum listing special classes or rules that apply only to our festival beyond what is listed in the provincial syllabus.
Go to Disciplines page on website and click on discipline link for specific information and Addendum.

If you still have a question use contact information and we will be happy to assist you.

Never use an out dated edition of a Provincial Syllabus.
It is the official source for referencing class numbers and categories which are then transposed onto your entry form for the festival.
New syllabus editions sometimes change class numbers, delete classes and categories as well as add new classes and categories.
Use of an old syllabus will create confusion if the result is incorrect information submitted on entry forms.
If you have any questions please contact our festival.
In the fall of 2019, AMAF prepared an Addendum which incorporates all changes made since the 2015 Syllabus was printed.
They are few in number but significant, and ones we have adopted as they came out. It is nice to have them all in one place.   
The only pages that apply to our festival are in the section titled Provincial Music and Arts Festival, pages ii, iv, v, and ix.
The changes are clearly shown in red print. Please make note of them in your own copy of the syllabus.

2019 Syllabus Addendum to the 2015 Printed Syllabus


All rules in the Provincial Syllabus apply unless modified or expanded by a local rule.

It is up to the participant to know all rules and regulations applicable to entry, however, the festival committee is here to help, so please contact us if you have any questions.  We are committed to making this a postive experience for all!
All classes are competitive or non-competitive.  Entrants are asked to clearly indicate their preference on the entry form.
Non-Competitive participants receive an adjudication but no mark and are not eligible for an award.
Competitive participants receive a mark which will be written on adjudication sheet and, if criteria met, would be eligible for awards offered.
Photocopies for music entries (piano, vocal, instrumental) are permitted only with publisher's consent and proof of permission presented to committee in advance of session.
For Speech & Theatre Arts, AMAF was able to purchase a license which allows festival participants to photocopy selections for use while preparing for and participating at the local and provincial level.
Complaints/Concerns:  Do not approach the adjudicator.
A written complaint or concern should be forwarded to the festival secretary.

Speech & Theatre Arts Classes TWO SOLO CLASS Performances, one of which must be chosen from the Speech Arts Suggested Repertoire Lists, must be performed competitively and a mark of  80% attained .
Vocal Classes TWO SOLO CLASS Performances, one of which must be a piece from the Repertoire/Resource List, must be performed competitively and a mark of 80% attained. 
Exception:  vocal ages 6 and under: As there are no pieces listed on the Repertoire/Resource List, participants may be eligible for awards if they enter two own choice solo selections competitively and attain a mark of 80%.
Piano Classes TWO SOLO CLASS Performances, one of which must be from a class listed as on the Piano Addendum, must be performed competitively and a mark of 80% attained. 
Instrumental Classes TWO SOLO CLASS Performances, must be performed competitively at the same level and a mark of 80%  attained.
Dance Classes To be eligible a mark of at least 80% must be attained.
Visual Arts  All entries eligible for medallions.  TWO ENTRIES required for top award presented to an artist displaying a high level of technical ability and creativity. 

Adult Entries are welcome. They will be listed separately in the program so that adults and children/youth are not competing against each other.
Copies of selections for the Adjudicator:  Music participants (piano, vocal, instrumental) must supply copies from their respective Repertoire/Resource Lists and Own Choice selections for the adjudicator. Speech Arts participants must supply copies of Own Choice selections.
All performers, if called upon, should be prepared to perform at the Festival Awards Concert.
The Deloraine Border Festival may, at its discretion, create a class in any discipline where an entry warrants.
The Deloraine Border Festival may, at its discretion, cancel a class and/or discipline where enough entries are not received to justify the hiring of an adjudicator.

​The Deloraine Border Festival may, at its discretion, withdraw an award offered where enough entries are not received to justify a particular award as listed on website.

Festival Registration & Participation Information

To Make Your Experience (and ours) a Positive One!

How do I contact a festival member with questions regarding entry forms or to cancel an entry form submitted?
Click on the EMAIL icon located at the bottom of every webpage - it will take you directly to the [email protected] email.
Our designated email festival member will either reply to your question or the email will be forwarded directly to the discipline coordinator.
If you wish to speak to a coordinator – go to the Disciplines page on this website and click on the relative discipline for detailed contact information for the committee member coordinating that discipline.
IMPORTANT NOTE: TBA & Entry Changes Not Accepted
To Be Announced Entries are not accepted. 
The deadline for entries is always the first week in February.  Start thinking about your choices well in advance so you are prepared when it is time to submit your entry.  The deadline is implemented as we are on a tight timeline to sort, schedule, type, proofread, and troubleshoot errors on the entry forms before program upload to Website first week of March. 
Change in Performance Pieces are not accepted.
The impact on our programming and volunteer work load due to last minute and sometimes no notification was becoming unmanageable
If the title submitted cannot be performed it must be withdrawn. Eligibility for award may be affected dependent on other performance pieces entered.
As soon as cancellations are known please email to [email protected] so program and session books can be updated.
Eligibility for award may be affected dependent on other performance pieces entered.
Simply click on the “EMAIL” icon on bottom of pages on website to notify festival - info will immediately be forwarded to the relative discipline coordinator.
An original second copy of performance selection MUST be provided for adjudicator and MUST be handed into festival at least 20 minutes before session begins (if RCM be sure it is the correct edition).
Original scores of music must be provided for the adjudicator.
Use a sticky note on adjudicator copy books and record the following:
- name of the student
- class number
- page number of the piece in the book

DO NOT rely on above sticky note for ownership of book as it can easily fall off and be misplaced after handling. 
Your name must be printed clearly on or in book to ensure it is returned to you. 
NO PHOTOCOPIES ALLOWED except in Speech & Theatre Arts.
Photocopies are illegal for performers and accompanists (even for ease of page turning in original book) and would result in an ineligibility of performance. 
Eligibility for award may be affected dependent on other performance pieces entered.
Permission for use of photocopies may be obtained from publisher but would be permitted only if committee has been notified in advance and presented with proof of permission and receipt of payment. If music has been downloaded from internet the committee must be notified in advance and receipt of payment must be presented.

PIANO – Beginner VENUE
Beginner level is always the most difficult section of our festival to manage as this is where we see the highest number of entries.  Participants at this venue are usually very young and often experiencing festival for the very first time – as are their parents.  Often our secretaries and chairpersons (volunteer parents) are also new to this experience.  Advice you use from this information sheet will lessen the confusion for you and festival volunteers on this very busy day.
A major help at beginner level would be having second copy books provided well in advance of the sessions so we can prepare for session and have it start on time - difficult to do if students are handing in copies and also trying to report in attendance.
Teachers: Providing a second copy of commonly used books for the festival to keep for duration of piano week is extremely helpful.  The books must still be designated to a particular piece and we encourage students to also bring their second copy as the same book is often required for different classes in same session. 
If RCM be sure it is the correct “edition”.
Ensure accompanist name is on the entry form - required for programming of vocal classes.  
Accompanists are not allowed to use photocopied music even for ease of page turning as it is illegal.  See Second Copy & Photocopy Regulations in this document.
CD’s are not acceptable as an accompaniment.  Live performances only.
For those interested in learning more about Speech & Theatre Arts and performance suggestions go to discipline page on this website and click on Speech Arts Icon.

Go to discipline page on this website and click on Instrumental & Strings Icon for specific information.
Go to discipline page on this website and click on Dance Icon for specific information.

Go to discipline page on this website and click on Visual Arts Icon for specific information.